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Hi Mitch, we spoke a few times over the summer and I have you in my notes for this month. 

I believe you said you would have time for a quick meeting.

This is Basically Like Having the #1 Spot for a Paid PPC Campaign But with an Unlimited Budget!

If You Were in the Auto-Suggest for the Keyphrase “led light bars” before the user even finishes typing, you POP in the Auto-Suggest as if you were being recommended By MSN/Bing.

The Results Page is all RIGID!

You will be indexed in the MSN/Bing and Google Auto-Suggest, you will also own the entire results page after clicking on you in the Auto-Suggest. LATEST Stats show as of July 2023 78% of users choose the auto-suggest.

Microsoft just Spent 10 Billion Dollars Buying and Integrating ChatGPT as their Search Engine and it has Exploded!

100% Guaranteed! If We Do Not Get You Indexed Into MSN/BING, Your
Reservation Fee is 100% Refundable! See Below…

One Of My Clients Canceled Their PPC Because This is Crushing it for Them

YOUTUBE! A lot of my clients are having me do this for their channels and they are getting a ton of traffic and leads from people typing in how to find, fix, review, get info, etc...

Selected Keywords:

Cutting Edge SBO will complete the monthly programming and optimization work required to have the keyword phrases indicated below to show up in MSN and Google search engines auto-suggest box.

I know you will really be blown away by this plus once we get a Keyword, YOU OWN IT!!



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