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EZ Pull It Pasco Updated Jan 3rd 2024

Search Box Optimization

I don’t think you’re looking to buy a lot of keywords so I am getting you your 50-mile Radius.

  • Right now you are Non-existent on MSN/BING and they are Growing Fast. Getting Factory Installed on all iPhones, Samsung, Firesticks, Laptops, PCs etc…
  • I also saw that EZ is not ranking on MSN Maps or MSN’s Search Engine Rankings. MAPS should be set up ASAP.
  • Are you guys not Running Any Google AdWords or MSN Ads?
  • How about your Social Exposure and Engagement Ads?

Example of how it will look.

This covers you for Pasco and Pasco County.

These are the best and most affordable phrases needed for your location:

Paid Keyphrase(how it will look in the search box auto-suggest)

junkyards pasco ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $850
pasco junkyards ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $850
used auto parts pasco ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $850
pasco used auto parts ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $850
pasco u pull it ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $970
u-pull-it pasco ez pull it pasco fl – Reservation Fee $990


Total – 5,360

I always recommend your Brand

EZ Pull It – Reservation Fee  = If you want to move with the words above I get this for 50% OFF – $425


  • You Reserve your Key Terms (Work Begins Immediately
  • When The First Key Term Indexes –  the Reservation Fee for That Key Term Starts on the Scheduled Bill Date.
  • That Process Continues Until All Key Terms are Indexed into Auto-Suggest.

We are NOT Requesting a Reservation Fee For Google Until that Keyword Enters in Auto-Suggest. At That Time You Have The Option To Add It To Your Plan. BING Might Be All You Need. We try to make this affordable for all of our clients.

  1. BING + Google – There is NO Reservation Fee for Google, just a quote, If for some reason we do not get you indexed in Google within 6 months you have the option for us to continue work on a month-to-month basis. 
  2. Google needs MSN/BING to Index First. 
  3. We ask for a 6-month commitment After MSN/BING Indexes to allow us enough time to work on competitive keywords and complete the other tasks over the months until indexing is locked in.
  4. After 6 Months It is Month to Month to Maintain Indexing
  5. If after 6 months for whatever reason you do not want to keep your indexing. We require a one-month notice and that Keyword is released back into the Keyword Pool immediately

The Reservation Fee (100% Refundable) – This is the fee required to take that keyword out of the global keyword/phrase pool and secure it for you! This fee is on a quote basis. For the most part, Local key phrases will stay the same price. 


I know you will really be blown away by this plus once we get a Keyword, YOU OWN IT!!



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