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LOCAL SBO (Search Box Optimization)

This is Basically Like Having the #1 Spot
for PPC i.e. Google Adwords but with an Unlimited Budget!

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a Marathon and not a Sprint! Standard SEO alone takes 6 to 8 months to start seeing movement. 

Bing typically indexes within 30 to 60 days and Google from 30 to 180 days (It’s usually always a lot quicker than that. But we ask for that time.)

We ask for a 6-month commitment to allow us enough time to work on competitive keywords and complete the other tasks over the month until indexing. 

The Price is for Both Google and MSN/Bing Auto Suggest. 

Here is a Quick Breakdown of How It Works

It’s Definitely Not Cheap…  The results and the massive targeted traffic increase will be amazing! 

There are 3 main moving parts to SBO:

  1. The Reservation Fee (100% Refundable) – This is the fee required to take that keyword out of the global keyword/phrase pool and secure it for you! This fee is on a quote basis. For the most part, Local key phrases will stay the same price. If the search Volume Exceeds 5K Searches a Month – then I will need to work out a custom quote.
  2. Monthly Service Fee (Per Keyword) – This fee is required for the monthly optimization work. There will be a lot of additional work needed for the First Page Take Over For Google and Bing. This fee starts on month 1 (With the Reservation Fee) and Ends When Your Keyphrase is Indexed.  This fee is non-refundable. The work that will be done for proper indexing will be a huge value regardless. 
  3. Once Indexed – Monthly Service Fee Stops and your Normal Monthly Fee Per Keyword Starts (This is Equal To Your Reservation Fee) 


These are the highest volume keywords/phrases right around 5k per month searches. There is one keyword that might go over the 5k I would just need to work up a custom quote. I need to submit them into my system so my vendor can review.

Recommended Key Words – It’s One thing to Rank for the search Terms in the Search Engines…

But even a #1 spot cant touch SBO! It is a Completely Different Story when you are in the Auto-Suggest.

  1. workers compensation lawyer massachusetts
  2. personal injury lawyer boston
  3. boston auto accident lawyer
  4. —> This one actually turned up high volume – Boston injury lawyer.

A Few BING Examples

A Few Google Examples


  1. Reservation Fee Per Keyword (paid once and then starts again after indexed) see #3 below     – $925
  2. Monthly Service Fee Per Keyword     – $300
  3. After being Indexed and live in Google and Bing – The monthly fee stops
  4. Then reservation turns into your fee of    – $925 Per Keyword each month.
If you cancel or stop paying for the keyword or do not wish to keep it anymore the keyword gets released back into the pool.
We require a 6-month commitment to index you properly. We need 1 month’s advanced notice for any cancellations.

If You want to hit the ground running and would like 3 or more keywords, I can Discount the Reservation Fee down to $850 and the Monthly Service Fee down to $250 until indexed – Then it’s $850 per keyword per month to retain it.

I really feel you will really be blown away by this plus once we get a Keyword, It’s yours!!

Hope we can chat about it again,



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