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Even a #1 Spot Ranked in Google, Cant Touch SBO! It is a Completely Different Story when you are in the Auto-Suggest.

This is Basically Like Having the #1 Spot for a Paid PPC Campaign i.e. but with an Unlimited Budget!

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a Marathon and not a Sprint! Standard SEO alone takes 6 to 8 months to start seeing a little movement. 

Remember not only will you be indexed in the BING and Google Auto-Suggest! You will also own the entire results page after clicking on you in the Auto-Suggest. Stats show as of March 2023 71% of users choose the auto-suggest.

100% Guaranteed! If We Do Not Get You Indexed Into BING, Your
Reservation Fee is 100% Refundable! See Below…

We are getting everyone indexed into BING’S Auto-Suggest ASAP. Microsoft just Spent 10 Billion Dollars Buying and Integrating ChatGPT as their Search Engine and it has Exploded!

Here are the basics:

  • Reservation Fee Per Keyword (BING) – There is NO Reservation Fee for Google, just a quote.
  • Small Monthly Fee Per Keyword *That stops after in Auto-Suggest*
  • Ownership Fee Per Keyword is equal to your Reservation Fee
“Your Quotes and Fee Schedule are Below”

Selected Keywords

Cutting Edge SBO shall complete the programming and optimization work required to have the keyword phrases indicated below to show up in Google and Bing search engine autocomplete / autosuggest suggestion box.

We are NOT Requesting a Reservation Fee For Google Until that Keyword Enters in Auto-Suggest. At That Time You Have The Option To Add It To Your Plan. BING Might Be All You Need. We try to make this affordable for all of our clients.

*Entire States Will Be a Little More In Cost Because of The Regional Coverage*

  • The Number of Keywords Chosen Equals Your Total Reservation Fee.
  • The Monthly Service Fee is Per Keyword, Per Month Until That Keyword is in the Auto-Suggest in BING.
  • Remember this starts 30 days after the start date and ends when the Keyword is in Auto-Suggest. Your Monthly Reservation Fee Starts Per Keyword.

*BING may be purchased individually. Google must include BING for indexing.

Company Website:

See Below For More Examples and Definitions


  1. BING + Google – There is NO Reservation Fee for Google, just a quote, If for some reason we do not get you indexed in Google within 6 months you have the option for us to continue work on a month-to-month basis. 
  2. Google needs BING to Index First.
  3. There is a Small Monthly non-refundable service fee per Keyword for the Monthly Optimization. 
  4. BING typically indexes within 30 to 60 days -Sometimes a lot sooner!
  5. Once Google Indexes you in the Auto-Suggest Bar you can choose to add it to your plan.
  6. Google takes anywhere from 30 to 180 days (It’s usually always a lot quicker than that. But we ask for that time.)
  7. We ask for a 6-month commitment After BING Indexes to allow us enough time to work on competitive keywords and complete the other tasks over the months until indexing is locked in.
  8. After 6 Months It is Month to Month to Maintain Indexing
  9. If after 6 months for whatever reason you do not want to keep your indexing. We require a one-month notice and that Keyword is released back into the Keyword Pool immediately.

There are 3 main moving parts to SBO:

  1. The Reservation Fee (100% Refundable) – This is the fee required to take that keyword out of the global keyword/phrase pool and secure it for you! This fee is on a quote basis. For the most part, Local key phrases will stay the same price. If the search Volume Exceeds 5K Searches a Month – then I will need to work out a custom quote.
  2. Monthly Service Fee (Per Keyword) – This fee is required for the monthly optimization work. There will be a lot of additional work needed for the First Page Take Over For Google and Bing. This fee starts on month 2 and Ends When Your Keyphrase is Indexed.  This fee is non-refundable. The SEO, Citations, Property Creation, Trend, etc… Development work that will be done for proper indexing will be a huge value regardless. 
  3. Once Indexed – Monthly Service Fee Stops and your Normal Monthly Fee Per Keyword Starts (This is Equal To Your Reservation Fee) 


  • You Would Like to Reserve 4 Keywords, You Would Like to Own :
    • “Buy Used Cars Boston”
    • “Best Used Car Dealers in Boston”
    • “Ford Dealer in Cambridge MA”
    • “Used Ford Vans Boston”
  • You Reserve your Key Terms (Work Begins Immediately)
  • Month 2 the service fees starts and is billed 30 days from Start Date
    • Per Term Each Month Until INDEXED
  • When The First Key Term Indexes – The Monthly Service Stops for That Keyword – And the Reservation Fee for That Key Term Starts on the Scheduled Bill Date.
  • That Process Continues Until All Key Terms are Indexed into Auto-Suggest.


  • The Reservation Fee for BING is 100% Refundable – If for some reason we don’t get a keyword indexed into the BINGS Auto-Suggest (extremely rare) after 6 months.
  • Once that keyword is indexed into BINGS Auto-Suggest If after 6 months you are not indexed into Google, Half of the reservation fee is Refunded.

I know you will really be blown away by this plus once we get a Keyword, YOU OWN IT!!



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